ArsWall, the online art gallery.

ArsWall Prize 2011 - What you can win


  • First classified: 2.000,00 euro


  • First classified: 1.000,00 euro

Personal exhibitions

Three artists, selected for the quality of their artworks, will be prized with a personal exhibitions in the following galleries:
  • Globart Gallery, Acqui Terme - Italy
  • Spazio Solferino, Milano - Italy
  • Spazi Arte, Piacenza - Italy

Marketing services

Every artist that has won the Personal exhibition prize will also receive a free package including two valued promotional services:
  • 1 promotional newsletter targeting registered users - value 660,00 euros
  • 1 promotional page on ArsKey Magazine - value 1.680,00 euros

Internet vote

Starting from October 5th to October 12th 2011, it will be possibile to vote online to determine the Internet Winners: the first classified of each category will win an annual subscription to the Atelier service on web site.

Prizes for all subscribers

All subscribers get a bonus artwork package for their own ArsWall web site.
Depending on the number of artworks you choose to subscribe, you get a different free artwork package:
  • With 1 subscribed artwork: you get 5 free artworks for your site
  • With 2 subscribed artworks: you get 10 free artworks for your site
  • With 3 subscribed artworks: you get 15 free artworks for your site